For those of you who have a bohemian residential style, you must choose handwoven rattan furniture. You need to know, that rattan is one for making furniture that is in great demand. Indonesia is no exception.
Rattan is also an environmentally friendly furniture material that is widely used for home interiors by carrying out classic and traditional concepts. Rattan is suitable for you to use in any interior style because it has neutral properties. Not only its nature. There are several advantages of rattan furniture that make it much in demand.

The Advantages of Handwoven Rattan Furniture, Classic Interior Style

The Advantages of Handwoven Rattan Furniture

Rattan is one of the most popular furniture materials for use both inside and outside the home. For that, here are some of the advantages of rattan as a material for your residential furniture.

Friendly to the Environment

If you are a fan of an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Then rattan furniture is right for you. This is because it has a sustainable nature.

For reasons, Rattan is sustainable, namely because it is one of the materials that is easy to cultivate and can be harvested quickly. So it can be more profitable than wood that takes a long time to be harvested.

Light Weight

Rattan is a material for natural furniture that has lightweight. This makes rattan far superior to other materials. For example, wood.
For this reason, rattan is perfect if you make furniture that will be moved or shifted frequently. However, you don’t need to worry about strength because the durability of rattan furniture is higher.

High Endurance

Handwoven rattan furniture has fairly high durability. This means that rattan furniture can support or withstand even heavy loads. For this reason, you can use it as a material for beds, chairs, or sofas.
Not only that, but rattan furniture also has properties that are resistant to various weather conditions or weatherproof. Nothing but hot or rainy weather. Also able to last long for tens of years. So, you can use rattan furniture to be outside the house without having to be afraid that it will get damaged quickly.

Easy In Care

If you feel lazy in caring for furniture. Chances are you will like rattan-based furniture for your home. The reason is, rattan furniture is easy to maintain.
You only need to use a duster to clean the dust on the surface of the furniture. Then you can also use a brush or brush to clean furniture that is difficult for you to reach.

Affordable prices

Handwoven rattan furniture has affordable prices. Even so, the furniture is of high quality, so you don’t need to think that rattan furniture will have expensive prices that can drain your wallet.