Functional space-saving beds can be a solution for those of you who have a minimalist home. The reason is that in this case, you will need several design ideas so that the house looks compact and functional. That way it can make the room seem more spacious.

One of them is the bedroom. The bedroom itself is a place for residents to rest. So it must have a comfortable design. But you need to underline, that comfortable will always have a wide space. Not only furniture but the design and decoration can make the room feel comfortable. When designing a narrow bedroom you can trick. One of them is by using functional furniture.

Model Functional Space-Saving Beds for Minimalist Homes

Functional Space-Saving Beds Recommendations

Do you have a bedroom with small size, and want to use it freely? If so, you can see the idea of ​​a multifunctional bed. Because the bed will not take up too much space.

Bunk Beds

You can use this small bed in a small room because you can stack it and you can push it. That way it won’t require a large space. An example is a bunk bed, using another mattress underneath. This is a good option when you tend to have other needs.

For the headboard, you can also lower and there is also a storage place inside. The storage cabinet also has the function of being a study table or work table. You can also provide additional visual elements to the bedroom.

Sleeping Hut

Other creative ideas such as functional space-saving beds, namely using cottage beds. If you don’t have enough space for a guest bedroom or master bedroom. Then the bed hut will allow you to use it as a bedroom without having to take up much more space than the bed.

You just put a big bed in an alcove, then you make a little hut. Where you only need a simple way to make it more private. So that not just anyone can go in there. Of course, you can use a simple curtain to act as a screen. So that the room does not seem so narrow. It is also a good idea to try having a bed next to a window.

Three Level Room

By using the right design, you can turn a bedroom with a narrow space into an interior that blends in perfectly with the bunk bed you have. The inspiration for this bed is to be able to place an L-shaped bed and have a ladder with small size that is safe for access to the upper level of the bunk bed.

It could also be, the space on the upper level of the bed can also be filled with practically matching bookshelves. So that all family members can get an even and comfortable bed. This proves to be possible by using functional space-saving beds in every part of the space in a way that is both functional and fun.