Artistic hand-carved sculptures are an option for home decoration. The reason is that your home decoration can add beauty and will look more aesthetic. The statue itself has a three-dimensional shape that you can enjoy from various angles.

Interesting Facts Decorative Artistic Hand-Carved Sculptures

Types of Artistic Hand-Carved Sculptures

Sculpture is a branch of fine art that is made from three dimensions. The manufacturing process itself begins with carving or removing material and modeling or adding material.

There are raw materials that can be used. Among others such as stone, metal, ceramics, wood, and so forth. When entering the modern era like today, making a lot of material freedom and the process of making sculptures for home decoration or decoration.

A wide variety of materials can be machined by transfer engraving, assembled by modeling or welding. It can also be cast or printed.

Carving Sculpture

The next type of artistic hand-carved sculpture is carved sculpture. This is because carved statues have existed since ancient times as other forms of artistic expression. This is because ancient cultures used carvings as a means of depicting certain types of animals and elements. Also, several safety figures may be used for ceremonial purposes.

Carved sculptures have been made with several different materials. Among others, such as wood, ivory, as well as other types of media. The artists making the carvings needed to pick up a piece of material. Then the artist will work carefully to remove certain parts to produce the desired image.

Statue in a Circle

“Sculpture in a circle” has a simple meaning referring to a three-dimensional work of art. These types of Statues are often seen from one or two angles but offer the benefit of the full circle or moon perspective to the observer. Where they can enjoy the statue in full.

The reason is that this type of statue is usually made from a wall or a certain type of background. As for the others, they will be allowed to stand freely so that they can be observed from a 360-degree perspective.

Relief Sculpture

The next type of sculpture is relief sculpture. You need to know, that relief sculpture is one of the oldest forms of sculpture dating back 25,000 years ago in caves in Eastern Europe and other parts of the world.

The difference in the size of the depth of the sculpture or carving is what distinguishes the various types of relief sculpture. Relief Can be as simple as a small scratch on a rock, or as detailed as a three-dimensional work.

So, that’s an explanation of the types of artistic hand-carved sculptures that you need to know. There are many types of these statues that you can choose for home decoration. By choosing the right statue, the aesthetic value of a dwelling can also increase.