Timeless luxury furniture is one type of entity to realize the design style of building spaces in the interior world with a long usage period. Along with the development of the world, interior design has also experienced a lot of progress, ranging from classic to modern.

Same with furniture, which you can now get with various styles and characteristics from each brand.

Timeless Luxury Furniture for Long-Term Use Efficiency

This is Timeless Luxury Furniture

Nowadays, there are more and more furniture brands that have famous interior designers and architects. These designers sometimes also create their designs so that they can be the right combination for their space design.

There is also the availability of various kinds of furniture that are always replicated from time to time in its design until this modern time. Maybe even some furniture models and names never disappear just because of the development of technology and modernization.

Some of the products or models are as follows:

LC2 Poltrona Armchair

This furniture is one of the works of the popular modernist architect, Le Corbusier. His furniture designs are still a source of furniture inspiration today.

The Poltrona Armchair is an iconic piece of furniture that is part of world furniture history. The look of Poltrona Armchair has a design that makes it look more structural and firm.

The body of the chair comes from a series of iron bars that are separated from the sofa to express the strong industrialist design character.

Saarinen Tulip Table

The next timeless luxury furniture is Saarinen Tulip Table. This product is a modern dining table that is also design by Eero Saarinen, an American-Finnish architect.

The appearance of this table is a curve without sharp corners. The design, which was born in medieval times, is timeless and is a sweet match for modern and contemporary style rooms.

With such a design, this minimalist and simple table bears the claim of being a pioneer of futuristic furniture design.

Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman

The next product is a lounge chair with a relatively high marketing price. The result of Charles and Ray Eames’ design for a well-known American furniture company, Herman Miller.

The material consists of a combination of plywood, leather fabric, and metal legs. Through the use of these materials, the Eames Chair successfully became part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

This lounge chair is also high-end furniture that has undergone various renovations of material and color combinations since its first marketing.

Those are some timeless luxury furniture products that you can use to complete your rooms. These products are timeless because of their unique and modern design.